The Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) recently hosted General David L. Goldfein, a four-star general, who is the current Chief of Staff of the Air Force where he recieved his new M18 Modular Handgun System sidearm. The AFOSI also hosted General Stephen W. Wilson, the current Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, at Joint Base Andrews where they joined a training and proficiency training session with the new M18 pistol and other weapons used by the AFOSI.

AFOSI are a US federal law enforcement agency, that reports directly to the Secretary of the Air Force, responsible for criminal investigations, counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence operations which fall under the Air Force’s purview as well as protective service operations worldwide.

The AFOSI’s currently use the SIG Sauer M11 as their service sidearms but are currently deciding on whether to transition to the new M18 – compact version of the US Military’s new Modular Hand Gun System, from SIG Sauer.

General Goldfein’s new custom serialised M18, with serial number ‘GO5021’  (USAF/Robert Davis)

General Goldfein received his new M18 pistol, which features a custom serialisation – GO5021. With the GO standing for General Officer and ’21’ representing Goldfein being the 21st Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

This is the first time we’ve seen a General Officers M18 MHS in the wild. In the past General Officer pistols often had some sort of customisation, such as engraved names, perhaps personalised serial numbers, with the GO prefix, will be the modern equivalent.

AOFSI Agents also regularly use the M4 Carbine and the Heckler & Koch MP5. General Goldfein also got a chance to handle and fire an MP5K during the training session. Also, is it me or is that an HK MP5 Tactical Briefcase open on the table next to them in the photo above?