To be released this February, the Senior Citizen Defender pistol attachment seeks to make home defense with a handgun more accessible and fun to Second Amendment loving Seniors. This barrel, trigger guard or rail-mounted attachment allows the user to bring his or her non-shooting hand forward of the trigger guard. The Attachment features an integrated laser and is intended to be fired from the hip.

On their website, Senior Citizen Defender says their patent-pending design holds several advantages that make use of this attachment by senior citizens much easier. The design allows the pistol it is attached to be fired from the hip which they claim gives the user a full field of vision. Secondly, this position is much more comfortable to shoot from and provides better accuracy.

Lastly and in my opinion, most importantly, fun. If the product functions as intended then this should encourage those who normally don’t shoot often because of mobility issues to do so more frequently.

Senior Citizen Defender

Senior Citizen Defender

When I first saw this attachment my brain screamed that this had to be some sort of AOW with that attachment. However, the designers of the Senior Citizen Defender have received confirmation from the ATF that it does not fall under the category of an AOW.

ATF – AOW Analysis of the Senior Citizen Defender

The Senior Citizen Defender has been reviewed by three (3) independent firearm professionals and all three have concluded that is in compliance with the law and is not an AOW. Indeed, two of these professionals are retired ATF personnel.

The first review was by an accredited firearm instructor who knows something about the disabled as he holds a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. His report states:

“I have a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and am licensed by the State of Louisiana as a Rehabilitation Counselor. In that capacity, I have experience evaluating people with various disabilities, including arthritis, muscle control, etc.

So if your elderly loved one needs a bit of help handling a pistol for home defense against reverse mortgages, and timeshare peddlers and other threats, perhaps the Senior Citizen Defender can be of use to them. With the product being released sometime in February, perhaps TFB can get a hold of one for review to weigh the merits of this design.

For full information on the Senior Citizen Defender, you can visit the website at