Welcome back dear readers to another Featured Deals of the Week. I’m your host, Benjamin F, and this week’s theme is “the first post since SHOT”. Let’s dive right in.

Ruger AR-556 MPR – $600 shipped

Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore

What the deal is:

The Ruger AR-556 MPR is probably one of the best entry-level AR-15s on the market right now. It is, as the name (Multi-Purpose Rifle) would suggest, a do-everything gun. Home defense? Check. Hunting? You betcha. Target shooting? Absolutely. Competition? For a first-timer or new competitive shooter, definitely.

Why it’s a good deal:

So $600 is fast becoming the “standard” price for the AR-556. That having been said, the lowest I have ever seen one was for $550, and that didn’t include free shipping. So for $600, you get a do-anything rifle, and that’s hard to beat.

Walker’s Silencer Bluetooth Electronic Earplugs – $140

Image Provided by Midway USA

What the deal is:

I used to be pretty skeptical about these earplugs. Could they really do any better than muffs? The answer is, no not really. But they’re a very useful tool when used properly. The Bluetooth functionality is neat, but at 23NRR you’re going to want to put another pair of electronic muffs over top, just like you would any other in-ear protection. When you’ve done that, you can listen to your music, take calls, and just enjoy shooting.

Why it’s a good deal:

Okay, before anyone crucifies me in the comments, yes, they’re on backorder. However, they’re expected to get back in stock on 2/24, and Midway, unlike certain other websites, won’t let you backorder something that they’re not going to have for another 3-4 months. Now that that’s out of the way, at this price? You’re good to go. These are generally listed for $200, so for $140 you’re getting a solid deal.

Brownells Presidents’ Day Sale

Image Provided by Brownells

What the deal is:

Brownells is having a big blow-out Presidents’ Day sale. Come get some funs. They’ve got Retro Rifles up to 35% off, Geissele Enhanced Triggers for $150, Aero lowers for 32% off, cases of ammo, reloading supplies, accessories, and more.

Palmetto Valentine’s Day Sale

Image Provided by Palmetto State Armory

What the deal is:

If anyone has a really cool significant other they want to do some really, really last minute shopping for, or if you (like me) are cruising single this Hallmark Holiday but still want to buy yourself something nice, well here you go. There’s a bunch of SIG Sauer P938 variants on sale, there’s ammo, there are AR-15 lowers, there are PSA uppers, there are Springfield M1As, scopes and tigers and bears oh my.

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