Five Reasons Why the Second Amendment Is Necessary

Meta: In this article, we’re going to explore the five main reasons why people have the right to bear arms in the United States of America, read on to find out more.


With the flaring debate about gun control in the USA, plenty of people are calling for more stringent gun control laws, and today, we’ll explore why that’s a generally bad idea. We’ve put together five of the many reasons why the Second Amendment is crucial for Americans.

Keep in mind that America is a huge country, and a few states are more different than some countries are elsewhere. We don’t believe that a broad, sweeping legislature against gun control across the country will do much good, and we’ll also discuss some of the reasons why that’s the case.


Of course, the most common reason that comes up when Americans explain why they have the right to bear arms is for simple self-defense. When people argue that the police are there to protect you, then they’ve clearly never lived in communities where a 911 call can take up to an hour to summon officers.

Even if you don’t live in a remote region, there is no guarantee that first responders will be able to help you out of a dangerous situation in time. Keep in mind that a firearm can keep you safe in a wide range of circumstances, whether you’re trying to defend your property or even if you’re outside of the house.

Throughout human history, people have always needed to defend themselves against people who would do them harm. Even though we like to pride ourselves on living in one of the best countries in the world, it has been proven time and time again that it’s not paranoid to want to keep your family safe.

Protection from Tyranny

Another reason why Americans have the right to bear arms is one that is discussed less often than the matter of self-defense because it’s not something that many of us like to consider. When we look back to how America was founded, it’s easy to understand why having an armed populace can deter tyranny, however.

People who willingly give up their firearms give up any power they had to alter a country’s slip into tyranny. While America may yet be a bastion of freedom, we don’t have any guarantee that it will be the case for decades to come, and an armed citizen can enforce their opinion through revolution if required.

When you look at things like the Ruby Ridge Massacre, it becomes a little more evident that agencies like the ATF don’t always have the people’s best interests in mind. Many people point to the military as a reason why a revolution would never work, but they forget that those guns and tanks will have to be manned by their fellow citizens, not brainwashed automatons.


A nationwide ban on firearms would also make it nearly impossible for Americans to hunt, and while animal rights groups may argue that this is for the best, they forget a few simple facts. For many Americans, hunting is a tradition that has been passed down through their family for centuries.

Another issue is that hunting is often necessary to keep certain animal populations under control, which in turn helps to maintain ecological balance. Without civilian hunters doing this work, more money will have to be funneled into the US Fish and Wildlife Service, resulting in higher taxes.

Keep in mind that many hunters have also invested tens of thousands of dollars into their equipment and firearms. If a blanket ban is enforced on guns, many of these people will likely be forced to give in their weapons for a fraction of what they’re worth, losing them thousands of dollars.

This, in turn, will make people not want to give in their guns in the first place, reducing the overall effectiveness of a ban.

The Firearm Black Market

What a lot of people like to forget about when discussing a ban on guns is that a lot of the weapons that are used in violent crimes aren’t even purchased legally. Most of these guns are obtained from the black market, which means that they can’t be traced to the shooter.

By making people give up the guns that they acquired legally, you would be leaving the population vulnerable to a group of criminals that never sourced their weapons legally in the first place. Another thing to account for is that prohibition has historically never worked in the US.

A ban on guns may instead make a firearms black market flourish, in which people will refuse to give up their weapons and will instead choose to own them illegally. The potential repercussions of a nationwide legislature against firearms are simply too drastic to make it a realistic course of action.

The Fundamental Differences Between the US and Other Countries

The final thing that a lot of people fail to consider when discussing gun control in America is that the US is a fundamentally different nation. A lot of people point to places like Canada or Australia and their experiments with gun control, and they don’t realize that it’s like comparing apples and oranges.

Due to how different the states are from each other and the vast distances involved in US geography, the need to defend oneself is far more important. Americans also have a history of self-defense that dates back hundreds of years, and it’s woven into our national identity.

Disarming America is something of an impossible proposition due to the sheer number of citizens who would oppose such a motion. Gun control likely won’t gain large-scale traction due to it being political suicide for anyone who tries to broach it, whether they’re a Democrat or a Republican.


We hope that we’ve been able to bring up some pertinent reasons why Americans should have the right to bear arms throughout the past, into the present, and even in the future. Feel free to let us know what you think about the subject in the comments down below.

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