Nammo Group, the international aerospace and defense company headquartered in Norway, has announced that they will be enhancing their US manufacturing base by acquiring an ordnance manufacturing subsidiary of UK-headquartered Chemring Group. Chemring Ordnance runs a plant in Perry, Florida which produces a range or ordnance including fuzes, 40mm ammunition and other ammunition components. Chemring Group’s other arms specialise in electronic countermeasures and sensors.

Chemring Ordnance’s Florida site (Chemring)

Here’s Nammo Group’s announcement of the acquisition in full:

In a move that will strengthen its US manufacturing capabilities, Nammo has reached a conditional agreement with Chemring Group to acquire one of its subsidiaries, Chemring Ordnance Inc., located in Perry, Florida. Nammo Defense Systems Inc, Nammo’s US defense subsidiary, will oversee the acquisition, and manage the facility.

“Our goal is to become one of the main providers of advanced munitions and rocket motor technologies to the US Government. That requires investments in manufacturing capabilities as well as new technologies,” said Morten Brandtzæg, President and CEO of the Nammo Group.

Nammo President & CEO, Mr. Morten Brandtzæg.

“Twelve years after we acquired our first facility in the US, the addition of Perry’s 165 employees will bring our US total to around 800 people, more than in any of our nine other manufacturing countries. This will strengthen our ability to meet the requirements of the US customer, and to provide them with a truly reliable advantage,” said Mr. Brandtzæg.

Chemring Ordnance Inc. today develops and manufactures ordnance, pyrotechnic products and other munition components for defense agencies and prime contractors in the US. The current product range includes mine clearance systems, hand grenade fuzes, 40mm low and high velocity ammunition, 57mm naval ammunition, and various other ammunition and pyrotechnic components. The acquisition comes in addition to several other ongoing Nammo investments in the US, including upgrades to the facilities at Indian Head, Maryland and in Mesa, Arizona.

“The Perry facility will bring additional high quality manufacturing and development capabilities that will complement the rest of Nammo’s organization in the US. I really look forward to welcoming our new colleagues to the team,” said Gary Goodwin, VP of Operations for Nammo Defense Systems.

Nammo Defense Systems VP of Operations, Mr. Gary Goodwin.