The brand new CZ 457 LRP, where LRP stands for Long Range Precision, is here. This CZ Rifle in caliber .22 LR has been designed to shoot accurately long distances.

It has a 20″ thick-walled, fluted and cold-forged barrel, with what CZ calls a match chamber. The dangerous end of the barrel comes with a muzzle brake. All of the important components of the stock are adjustable, and there’s a Picatinny rail underneath the stock for a bag rider or a monopod.

The LRP is crowned by a Weaver rail with 25 MOA inclination and is waiting for your riflescope and the next Precision Rifle Series training or competition.

CZ 457 LRP

Here is how CZ chose to describe the LRP:

Built for shooters who want to exploit the extraordinary accuracy potential of the CZ 457 to its fullest, the LRP is tuned to enable hits on target at extreme distances – assuming the shooter does their part!

Equipped with a 20” fluted varmint barrel, the LRP borrows the MATCH chamber that was originally exclusive to the 457 MTR. This supremely-accurate barrel has a threaded muzzle (1/2×20 UNF) and is topped off with a muzzle brake.

The LRP’s target-style stock bears a soft-touch finish and has a prominent pistol grip, extended forend, textured grip surfaces and a prominent rear hook designed to cradle the shooter’s support hand. For those desiring to add a rear monopod, a rail is also present at the toe.

Adjustability abounds, with length of pull able to be tuned with the three included spacers (351-382 mm), while the height of the comb and the buttpad are also user-configurable.

Also included in the LRP package is a 25 MOA Weaver-style rail (with built-in inclination that enables sighting in at longer distances), an oversized bolt knob, 5-round magazine and a premium 4M rifle case.

Parameters and technical data

  • Length:1010 mm
  • Barrel length: 525mm (21″)
  • Weight:3,8 kg
  • Caliber: .22 LR (1:16)
  • Magazine capacity: 5

Check the video for a multimedia version of the presentation:

The main features of the CZ 457 series can be found here.

Interested in finding out more? Check CZ’s product page for the CZ 457 LRP here.

I am quite tempted to put a nice riflescope on one of these Czech LRP’s and try the Practical Rimfire Challenge – “Know Your Limits”.