Matador Arms have begun shipping a SIG P320 magazine adaptor for AR-15s. The Mag-X, P320 allows standard SIG Sauer P320 magazines to be used alongside a 9x19mm adapted bolt and a 9mm barrel. No modifications to the lower receiver or the magazines themselves are needed. It has a steel ejector and paddle magazine release at the base of the adaptor, in front of the magazine. There is, however, no last round hold open feature. Matador Arms claim it is the “ultimate PCC-Pistol combination for Sig-P320 owners!”

Mag-X P320

Mag-X P320 installed, note the paddle magazine release (Matador Arms)

Here’s Matador Arms’ press release on the Mag-X, P320:

Matador Arms introduces the Mag-X, P320 – The Ultimate PCC-Pistol Combo for Sig-P320 Owners

The Mag-X allows the use of Sig-P320 pistol magazines in any AR-15 milspec lower receiver. No modifications are required to the lower or the magazine, and the Mag-X installs in seconds, enabling the use of Sig-P320 magazines. The Mag-X has a built-in magazine release and locks into place with the standard AR-15 catch. It is manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum and has an anodized finish. The ejector and magazine catch are both steel.

The Mag-X is available for sale in both the United States and Canada. Made in Canada, the Mag-X ships to USA customers direct from Matador’s USA warehouse. MSRP is $149.99 USD, with special introductory pricing available for those who want to jump on this.

Mag-X P320

Mag-X P320 magazine adaptor, like other adaptors it is held in place by the lower’s magazine catch (Matador Arms)

The MSRP for the adaptor is $149.99. Check out Matador Arms’ website for more information on the Mag-X, P320, at Matador Arms’ have updated the product page for the adaptor advising that the Mag-X, P320 is on backorder with the next run expected to be available at the end of May or early June. They have also announced an introductory price of $119.99.