DECATUR — A frightened Decatur woman thought she was the victim of a drive-by shooting Saturday afternoon but was instead being shot at by an 18-year-old man armed with a paintball gun, police say.

Detective Sgt. Chris Copeland said the incident happened at 4:25 p.m. as the woman, 31, was crossing the street near the intersection of West Johnson Avenue and North Main Street.

“There was a black Chrysler 300 stopped at the stop sign on Johnson and Main and the backseat passenger shot at her multiple times,” added Copeland. “She said she thought she was actually being shot at, she wasn’t sure if the gun was real or not; no paint balls actually hit her.”

Copeland said she was able to give a good description of the vehicle which was intercepted a short time later by a police patrol. Copeland said the 18-year-old still had the gun with him and admitted what he had done. He was ticketed for breach of the peace, and police seized the paintball gun.