Sons of Liberty Gunworks, a manufacturer of high-quality AR-15s, gun parts, and accessories, has just announced that they will be adding SGM(R) Charles “Chuck” Pressburg to their professional staff. Chuck currently operates with Presscheck Consulting which provides training to law enforcement and military personnel.

SGM(R) Chuck Pressburg added to Sons of Liberty Gun Works Pro Staff

SOLGW Pressburg

Chuck Pressburg is a retired Army veteran who served for over 26 years of his life. Most of that service was spent in Special Operations and Special Mission Units. Chuck is a qualified Ranger having grained his Ranger tabs after Infantry and Airborne training in the early 90s.

Over those 26 years, Chuck served in the 75th Ranger Regiment for 10 years, 24 Months in the 82nd Airborne Division where he served as a rifle and sniper squad leader, and 2 years in the Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG) where he spent over 20 months deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom conducting Small Kill Team operations and Direct Action Raids.

SOLGW Pressburg

In the final 12 years, Chuck worked within HQ USASOC performing various tasks as required including a two-year assignment to the G8 section where Chuck performed Science and Technology R&D. While assigned to USASOC Chuck graduated from the Defense Acquisitions University’s Combat Developer’s Course and The Human Factors Engineering (MANPRINT) Course. Chuck spent several years assisting in material acquisition programs for SOF.

After his service in the US Army, Chuck began work with Presscheck Training and Consulting, LLC. This small business is entirely Veteran-owned and was founded in 2015 to help provide training to Military, Lawn Enforcement and a few select Citizens in marksmanship, urban operations, night vision operation, close-quarters combat as well as a few other restricted subjects.

In addition to the above services, Presscheck Consulting also provides Subject Matter Expertise (SME) support. This is essentially consulting work offered to the firearms, tactical and defense industries regarding new product design, business development, engineering, and marketing.

SOLGW Pressburg

Sons of Liberty Gun Works strives to manufacture a tool that exceeds the harsh demands our customers may find themselves in. Chuck’s extensive experience makes him a great resource for the new products we want to bring to market, as well as, a line of Presscheck Consulting products he has in his portfolio.”

– Mike Mihalski of SOLGW.

With Chuck added to the team’s professional staff, it will be exciting to see what new angles of thought and learned experience he can bring to the table for the already successful Sons of Liberty Gun Works.