I learned about this Slovenian company called AKILA from Alex Chikin, the co-owner and CEO of the company. He contacted us, introduced the company and gave a detailed description of their first product – AKILA chassis for Blaser R8 rifles.

Slovenian AKILA Chassis for Blaser R8 Rifles 11 (4)

According to Alex, before establishing this company, he and his team were working at Austrian Ritter & Stark. They were responsible for product development, setting up the manufacturing process and marketing. Alex himself was the Chief Commercial Officer, Sales Director and R&D Manager at R&S.

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Now let’s take a look at the chassis. What immediately jumps out are the wooden inserts. They are in the places where you are likely to touch the chassis and that’s a good feature because aluminum can get unpleasantly (to say the least) cold or hot in extreme temperatures. In the images, you see walnut inserts, however, they plan to also offer laminate wood, polymer and carbon fiber inserts.

Slovenian AKILA Chassis for Blaser R8 Rifles (2)

The AKILA chassis is machined out of 7075 aluminum and has a black hard coat anodized finish. It is possible to order a Cerakote finish at an additional cost. The forearm is a separate piece attached to the chassis. It features M-LOK slots and QD sling swivel sockets at the very front, at 3 and 9 o’clock.

The stock mounting point of the AKILA chassis is compatible with AR-15 receiver extensions which will allow installing AR stocks. The stock can be folded to left or right sides of the chassis. The stock that it comes with offers a possibility to adjust the cheek piece height, the length of pull as well as features a built-in adjustable monopod. The pistol grip is a modified AR-15 pattern grip. While designing the chassis, they found out that making it AR-15 grip compatible would require placing the grip too far from the trigger. Technically, you can modify the AR-15 grip of your choice to fit the AKILA chassis by trimming down about .200″ (5mm) from the front portion of its base or milling the screw hole to a slot shape.

The weight of the chassis is 4.9 lbs (2,216 grams). Its dimensions can be seen in the below-embedded images.

Slovenian AKILA Chassis for Blaser R8 Rifles (12)

Slovenian AKILA Chassis for Blaser R8 Rifles (5)

This chassis is compatible with all versions of Blaser R8 straight pull bolt action rifles. The company will later introduce the AKILA chassis for Remington 700 and Tikka T3 rifles as well as complete rifles built with Ultimatum Precision actions. As Alex told me, they can make the chassis virtually for any action if they get an order of at least 10 pieces.

Slovenian AKILA Chassis for Blaser R8 Rifles (15)

The installation requires dropping in the Blaser R8 barrel, bolt assembly, bolt stop and fire control unit.

The first batch of this chassis will be available soon. The current price is €2,325 or €1,905 with and without VAT respectively. For American customers, the price without the value-added tax (€1,905 which is roughly equal to $2,145) will be the one that they can purchase this product for. Right now you can directly contact them to place an order, however, the company plans to have a US distributor in the foreseeable future.

Images by AKILA doo