If you are travelling to Germany you may see more of the Spuhr MP5 upgrades in the near future, as the German Bundespolizei (German Federal Police) have bought another a total of 6 000 Spuhr stocks.

You are more likely to see them at the Airport Police, but they may be used in other locations as well.

If you own a H&K MP5, you can actually buy the part as well. You can find it here: Spuhr R-315 MP5 Adjustable Stock.


Löddeköpinge, Sweden (October 18, 2019) – Spuhr i Dalby AB (Spuhr®) has been awarded an additional order for MP5 stocks. In July and September 2019 Spuhr® delivered 3,000 sets of our R-315 MP5 Adjustable Stock, Low to the German Bundespolizei.

Today it is with great pride that Spuhr® can announce that we have received a second order for another 3,000 stock assemblies to be delivered by the end of 2019, with options for additional deliveries in 2020.

Mr. Ulf Nilsson, Chairman of the Board, says, “We are very proud that the Bundespolizei have chosen our stock assemblies to upgrade their MP5s – and we are extremely grateful for Pol-Tec’s [Spuhr’s German distributor] hard work in securing this contract.”

The Spuhr® R-315 MP5 Adjustable Stock, Low is an adaptation of the Spuhr® R-410 G3 Adjustable Stock, which was designed to provide improved ergonomics and controllability for the G3 platform.

The first major order was to the Swedish Armed Forces for the AK 4C and the AK 4D, and based on the success in Sweden, the R-410 – and its siblings, the R-310 and R-315 stocks, for the MP5 – are in use with the Swedish Army and Home Guard, the Portuguese Marines, and with law enforcement in Germany and the Netherlands.

About Spuhr i Dalby AB:

Spuhr i Dalby AB (Spuhr®) was founded in 2007 by Håkan Spuhr to design and manufacture advanced mounting solutions and weapon upgrade kits for elite military, police, and civilian customers. Best known for their Ideal Scope Mount System™ (ISMS™,) an innovative and market-changing approach to optics attachment, Spuhr® is a market-leading Swedish manufacturer of optics mounts and weapon upgrade kits, such as their adjustable G3 and MP5 stocks, to law-enforcement and military units around the world.

About the Spuhr K&K MP5 Upgrades: Spuhr MP5 Upgrades.

Article no.: R-315. MP5 Stock Assy, Low. Price: €260

The R-315 MP5 Stock Assembly offers the proven design of the R-310 MP5 Stock Assembly but with a quick detachable cheek piece – allowing for the use of the factory iron sights. Using a stock adapter machined from solid billet aircraft aluminum with an integrated buffer, the 6-position adjustable stock is fully adjustable for length and has a non-reciprocating cheek piece (additional heights available) which positions the shooter’s eye in line with optic sights. Thanks to the enhanced ergonomics of the stock assembly, recoil management is greatly improved, providing for fast accurate fire even when shooting fully automatic fire. Will fit HK MP5, HK33, and HK53 (and clones). Length: 190-270 mm/7.48-10.62” *
Length of Pull: 290-370 mm/11.42-14.57″
Weight: 455 g/16 oz

You can find Pol-Tec’s website here: https://www.pol-tec.de/

For the US, Spuhr products are available via Mile High: https://www.milehighshooting.com/

If you want to have an exclusive look inside Spuhr’s factory check here: TFB Factory Visit: Spuhr Scope Mounts and Accessories

As you may notice, National Armies and Police Forces are choosing to upgrade their firearms instead of buying new platforms. What do you think of this development?