Strike Industries has released another muzzle device called Miller Comp. Although it looks similar to their JCOMP, the new compensator has an external diameter of .745″ which makes it a little thinner than the JCOMP (.870″) yet according to Strike Industries is “engineered to mitigate recoil in the same manner as the SI JCOMP”. Let’s see why have they trimmed down the JCOMP design.

Strike Industries Miller Comp (9)

The internal diameter of the standard AR-15 gas block is .750″. To install it on or remove it from the barrel you have to remove the muzzle device first because most of the muzzle devices have an external diameter larger than .750″. Well, uninstalling standard muzzle brakes and compensators is not too hard … unless it is a pinned and welded one. That’s where a slimline muzzle device like the new Strike Industries Miller Comp comes in handy because its .745″ external diameter will allow you to slide the gas block right over it without a need for uninstalling it and pinning and welding it over. The length of the Miller Comp is 2.6″ which when pinned and welded on a 14.5″ barrel, increases the legal barrel length to just over 16″ which is the minimum barrel length as per the legal definition of rifles.

Strike Industries Miller Comp (8)

The Miller Comp comes prepared for pinning and welding: it has a pre-drilled pinhole and the package includes a 3/32″ pin. In case if you don’t need to pin and weld it, you can install it using the company’s new Jam Nut (also included in the package) which makes the installation and timing a bit faster and easier processes. Here is how the Miller Comp is installed using the Jam Nut.

The Strike Industries Miller Comp is made of 1144 steel and has a black nitride surface treatment/finish. It has a standard 1/2×28 thread pitch and is currently available for .223/5.56 caliber only. Another advantage of such a slimline design is the decreased weight. The Miller Comp weighs 2.84 oz which is 3/4 oz less than the weight of JCOMP.Strike Industries Miller Comp (2)

The MSRP of Strike Industries Miller Comp is $29.95.

Images by Strike Industries