Location: Löddeköping, South of Sweden.

I guess you haven’t been there and wasn’t planning to go there either? That’s fine, to be honest, neither was I until I got an invitation for a Factory Visit to Spuhr, makers of rifle scope mounts and other firearms related accessories and upgrade kits. The trip was well worth it, as you will discover as you scroll down.

“Spuhr i Dalby AB”, which is the formal company name, started in 2007 when Håkan Spuhr worked as a gunsmith and created some solutions for Aimpoint. For instance, the TwistMount and the MPS mount are two products from that collaboration.

Spuhr SP-3002 and Vortex 5-25

One thing lead to the other as the rumors spread about the gunsmith with the extraordinary solutions. It didn’t take long until some special military units asked for Mr. Spuhr’s help.

Since a number of years, Spuhr worked with several units from the Law Enforcement and Armed Forces around the world as well as various direct Manufacturers.

Spuhr ISMS with Zeiss V8 1.1-8x and side-mounted Aimpoint Micro, carried by a JP Rifles CTR-02 in .223 Rem. It’s hard to find a better setup for 3 Gun and practical shooting competition.

Some products are the results of military needs for new solutions, while other products like the Ideal Scope Mounts System (ISMS) are the results from their own needs from shooting, competition and hunting experience. And the collection of mounts is ever growing.

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics – Shooting Team

At Spuhr, more or less everything is produced in-house, to give maximum control over the production for the highest precision and quality. Today they employ around 10 people, and the production is highly automated.


Below: Storage – there is a place and a box for everything going in and out. As you can see, the aluminum waste from the CNC machining gets recycled. ISO 9000 quality system

A CNC machined ring before post-processes. This part belongs to Spuhr’s new slimmer hunting line, which TFB covered here before.

Here’s where the baby Spuhr mounts are born: Blocks of aluminum in. The better part of a Spuhr sight out.

From raw product to a more finished product.

This piece of aluminum featured as Photo of the Day before.

Each part gets an individual productions code. This tracks the source material among other things. Should something happen to the mount in the future, the potential problem is traceable back to the batch.

There are several CNC milling machines with robots and conveyors constantly working to produce Spuhr mounts and other accessories.

Below: Programming the brand new robot to do its thing.

Below: Part of the Spuhr factory with CNC milling machines and robots.

Seen in the social media flow:

I remember the time when Mr. Spuhr was complaining about the vast amount of different mounts that was needed to cover all relevant scopes and tactical platforms.

What I see today is a company that has made that challenge one of their key advantages by addressing this with an astounding number of well designed mounts to address all users, platforms and needs.

Below: A brand new DMU 40 eVo linear being installed, a 5-axis CNC milling machine.

Below: Further down the line, finished products begin to stack up.

Below: As Spuhr doesn’t know which kind of surface treatment the end customer is going to prefer, and you don’t want to end up with stocking the wrong anodizing or color, they keep a mid-storage so they can quickly post-process the mount according to the wish of the customer.

Below: Everything that is black, apart from sights and other obvious standard parts, is made by Spuhr to fit various firearms and systems.

The rifle with the M203 has the Spuhr Grenade Launcher Sight Mount with an Aimpoint, which makes it really easy to lobby in those 40 mm grenades through a window far away.

From Spuhr’s description: “Our 40 mm Grenade Launcher Sight Mounts. Most grenade launcher sights have the readings on the side, whereby the soldier is unable to read the distance settings while aiming. We have made a sight mount where the soldier can see and adjust the range setting while still in the shooting position. With the Tritium inserts or luminous paint, and using an RDS with night vision settings, ensures that any adjustments can be done in low-light conditions as well.

Below: An example of the SR-3000 “cubes”. The scope is from Meopta (1-4x) and the rifle is a Benelli MR1 (check our story). This was the only way to get a really low mount, to suit the stock and the shooter.

Mr. Håkan Spuhr with some of their Heckler & Koch MP5 upgrades. Aimpoint riser and red dot on top. At the recent EnforceTac and IWA show in Germany, they were pushing their new MP5 upgrades.

Below: Hunting rifle upgrades, from scope mounts to Night Vision mounts to the more serious Heckler & Koch G3 upgrades, which transforms the rifle. I tried it myself for the first time (with a G3) and shot really well with it, even during stressed, timed situations.

The prototype stock was done in 3D printed Glass Filled SLS (Nylon) and has survived over 8 000 rounds of 7,62 NATO. Below you can see a picture of the actual prototype.

This system was bought by the Swedish Army and Home Guard, now in serial production for military contracts.

You can find and read more about the Spuhr HK G3 Upgrades here.

Cabinets filled with various parts made by Spuhr.

Close-up of the top rifle, with Thermal vision adapter mounted to the Spuhr ISMS mount. The Thermal unit is a dummy prototype made in SLS, which is much easier to transport to exhibitions. Depending on your needs, or growing/changing needs, you can build or re-configure your mount.

Below: At the bottom, in the right shelf, you can see the Spuhr NVG mount. This mount is ideally used with Insight MUM-14 or Vectronix TARSIUS16. Other monoculars such as the ITT PVS-14 can be interfaced as well.

Below: A rare piece for the HK MP5. This bit of aluminum is painted in soft touch paint – it is not in production unless someone asks for it. The interface on the side is Spuhrs own.

Below: Rhino in 6,5 Creedmore with Spuhr mount and Kahles 624i. This is a very accurate system!

Mr. Håkan Spuhr below.

Below: There’s Picatinny and Picatinny 2.0. Do you spot the difference? We will cover Picatinny Generation 2 in a future article.


Below: This is where you really want to be – Spuhr’s warehouse with all of their products being stocked. Can I please have 100,000 free credit and an hour or two to chose? All these nice mounts and accessories can be found in the webshop.

Below: Some Armies do not want their mount to be black, as black doesn’t appear natural in nature. Remember, snipers need to blend in. So they order mounts with natural anodizing instead. Most of the time these mounts will get a coat of camouflage spray anyway.  I wonder if the number of mounts with this type of anodizing will rise after this article?

One of our readers commented earlier on this topic: “Somebody once remarked, and rightfully so, that the only time black is an effective camouflage is when there’s no light and when there’s no light there’s no need for camouflage.”

Note the “Nato Stock No:” on the bottom mount.

Below: B&T APC-9 with 3-lug barrel, PDW stock and Spuhr mount for the Aimpoint. This specification is pretty close to the B&T that the US Army selected as their new Sub Compact Weapon yesterday.

Below: The Spuhr raiser is available in many different heights depending on your needs and co-witness. Here seen on a fire-spitting Molot Vepr shotgun.

Below: Johan Hansen, from World Rifle Shoot Russia 2017. The rifle is kitted with a Spuhr mount holding a Zeiss V8 1.1-8x with ballistic tower and a side-mointed Aimpoint Micro H2. Atlas bipod, well extended due to the deep gravel on the ground.

Below: Spuhr and SCAR = True.

Below: Spuhr + Ruger Precision Rifle + Zeiss V8.

If you want to know more about the background and story behind the Spuhr brand and the ISMS mount (and other things) you should definitely check Small Arms Defense Journal’s story: The Innovators: A Tour of the Spuhr Factory in Malmo.

Sniper Central also covered the ISMS mount in-depth here, in a hands-on review.

Customers in the US can find support for Spuhr products by Mile High Shooting.

Spuhr now exhibits on a regular basis at most of the major trade shows. This means that you can meet them more locally from time to time. In any case, we hope you enjoyed TFB’s factory tour.

All photos by the author.

Hungry for more? TFB will soon show you the latest development of the ISMS scope.