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1. In the Wall Street Journal today: Meghan McCain and Ben Sasse on America’s Extremist Abortion Industry


3. Also in the WSJ, Naomi Schaefer Riley on: Moving Kids From Foster Care to Adoption

4. I overcame aging out of foster care — not every kid is so lucky. Here’s how you can help.

5. Washington Post: A white couple, a mixed-race baby and a forbidden adoption

6. The Institute for Family Studies remembers its founding editor, Anna Sutherland, who died suddenly. Please remember her young family in your prayers.

7. Rabbi Meir Y. Soloveichik on Jews and Heaven

8. Martyrs from the Spanish civil war were beatified by the Catholic Church this weekend

9. Melania Trump’s “Be Best” campaign

10. This seems a wee bit like our culture today:

11. Cornel West and Robert P. George on Christian love in the public square


PLUS: My syndicated column on one adoption story

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