Why Disarming the Populace Won’t Work in the United States

Meta: There are plenty of gun control activists calling for complete disarmament in the US, and today, we’re going to look at why that is completely unrealistic.


Guns are an issue of contention in most places, even where there may already be established laws about them, but nowhere is the battle between the two sides as fierce as in the USA. America has a proud history of an armed population, and it has worked out well so far, though many people are calling to change that.

In this short article, we’re going to discuss some of the reasons why disarming the US population isn’t as simple of a matter as it sounds. We’ll look at three of the main things that will make it nearly impossible to disarm the US, and why guns will always be a part of American culture.

Guns are too Widespread in the USA

One of the main hurdles between gun control activists and their goal of complete disarmament is that there are simply too many guns in America to realistically get rid of all of them. You’ve likely heard that there are more guns in the USA than there are people, so how would they be entirely eliminated?

Buyback programs that provide people with a fraction of the money that they spent on their firearms will simply drive more people towards the black market. This brings us to our next point, which refutes the argument that fewer legally-owned guns will make America safer.

Illegal Guns Exist

When gun control activists argue that banning guns is the right idea, they conveniently forget about the fact that black market firearms are used to commit the majority of violent crimes. By disarming the average person, you will actually make them more vulnerable to criminals who already have illegal guns.

If something like the prohibition of firearms can work so well, then how come illegal guns still exist? This alone proves that a nationwide ban on firearms will do far more harm than good, especially to the average citizen, who needs to be able to defend themselves more than anyone.

The People Won’t Support It

The beautiful thing about living in a democracy is that you can make your voice heard. The reason why no presidential candidate has made the promise that they’re going to ban guns is that they would be metaphorically shooting themselves in the foot. Their voters simply wouldn’t accept it.

Despite the recent outcry about guns on the media, a huge proportion of Americans still support the right to own firearms, and they have a right to vote just as much as anyone else. Even if a sweeping piece of legislature were to pass, many gun owners would simply not obey it.


We hope that we’ve been able to adequately explain why the complete disarmament of the US populace is a nearly impossible thing to accomplish. Despite the disproportionate cries for gun control from media figures and the left, America is still as well-armed as ever.

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